Interim business development at a private equity portfolio company, which develops, manufactures, and sells medical devices. 

&INNOVATE realizes commercial expansion through the introduction of a new business model, securing partnerships deals, and the setup of a new sales channel. 

Leading corporate development for the accelerated development of a game-changer in viral detection. 

An IVD-player had an R&D concept on its long-term innovation roadmap. &INNOVATE translated this R&D-concept into an innovation, partnership, and fundraising strategy to realize this innovation moonshot as soon as possible. The potential of this viral detection technology is promising and could contribute significantly to containing viral outbreaks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business development and fundraising to develop breakthrough innovation in neuromodulation. 

Negotiations to form a Joint-Venture between an American company and a Dutch NewCo that will get exclusive rights to IP from a Dutch university. 

Offering corporate strategy advice to an Italian business regarding its innovation roadmap for Intra Operative Radiation Therapy. 

New business creation in Oncology

Valorization strategy around large sets of oncology data that will be made available by one of the best cancer registration institutes in Europe